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OASIS is a community takeover MN/PoS peer-to-peer cryptocurrency based on Pivx codebase with governance utilized to direct the future of the project based upon proposals submitted by holders of OASIS, voted upon by Masternode operators.


Phase One began with the initial creation of the OASIS blockchain on May 26th 2018 with 300,000 coins to supply a full 1:1 swap. One month was provided for all holders of 1UP to swap their coins, the remaining non-swapped coins were voted by the community to fund a future development address of 20% (30890.433) and 80% (120596.644) burned at oSXXXXoAS1SBURNADDRESSXXXXXXZK9gTD.


Phase Two began with a six-person team creating the new foundation of OASIS with various branding, style, and visual changes as well as code upgrades that would allow the true community-centric ability of the project to direct growth and widespread adoption.


Each team member received 2,850 OASIS from the development fund, and the remainder of the fund (12,130 OASIS) is potentially slated to be burned in a future burn event.


Phase Three begins now, with you.