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As many cryptocurrency projects maintain a core group directing the future progress, OASIS intends to minimize the centralized steering control, and instead allow the community of masternode operators to freely dictate the future direction via the Governance system of proposals, allowing anyone to create a proposal and fund the development of features or direction of the project.


Originally, a series of votes focused on gaming and potential in the VR/AR category of gaming was intended, OASIS has pivoted to first building a strong foundational ground floor which can be built upon by the community proposals of governance.


At this point, our roadmap includes the improvements to the codebase to match Pivx and its features as well as improved network support, while allowing the community to propose features and services including mobile wallets, simplified peer-to-peer transactions, and improved and simplified masternode activation for new or inexperienced users.


If you would like to see something added to the roadmap, please join us in the Discord and share your thoughts in #proposals and #ideas.

OASIS v2.1.1 & Website Release
2019-04-10 release (213 Nodes Online)
Spork for Protocol Activated (176 Nodes online)
OASIS v2.10 releases
Vote for governance closes (192 Nodes online)
Vote for governance implementation (163 Nodes online)
Vote ends 80%burn/20%development fund (168 Nodes online)
Vote on remaining coins
1UP to OASIS Swap Ends (185 Nodes online)
OASIS Blockchain Genesis Block 300,000 Coins for 1:1 Swap
Multiple community votes for direction, name, coin supply, block rewards close - OASIS is chosen, gaming is the usecase & direction as well as ticker selected.
Community Takeover of failed coin (1UP) begins